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Your Obligations As A Renter:

Renter may use the domain for legal use only:
The domain must not be used for discriminating of any race or gender:
No software, hacking, or malware that can harm ones computer:
May not be used to collect information from visitors to the domain:
You have the option to purchase the domain name at any time you're renting the domain name:
You must keep your paypal subscription live:

Domain Owners Obligations:

I will rent the domain name of your choice as long as it is available:
I will set a monthly price and a set purchase price that will never go up:
As long as you're renting a domain name, you will always have the option to purchase that domain name:
I will send you a paypal subscription button to start your paypal subscription:
I will set your dns to point to your server after paypal subscription starts:
I will set the dns only, no special dns setup:
All domain names are listed on Sedo with a set price:
I will set a purchase price below the price on Sedo which will never go up:
I will take the domain you're renting off of Sedo and you will have the option to purchase at any time:
I reserve the right to terminate this rental agreement at any time if you don't follow your obligations above:
You have the option to purchase at any time during rental of the domain at the set price:
I will monitor all domain names to make sure the domain names are being used legal:
All rented domain names will be updated at the domain registra each year:

More Information:

Renting a premium domain is a much cheaper way to use a premium domain without the high cost of purchasing:
Renting premium domain names gives the renter away to try the domain without the high cost:
Renting gives a renter a chance to purchase a premium domain later after the domain is established:
Domain names will go up in value in time and will be worth much more than the set price:
After a domain is established and worth more than the set price, you can still purchase at set price:
The set price that is set before renting will never go up:
At any time during renting a domain name, a renter can always make an offer below the set price:
I will always be open to offers if they are reasonable:

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